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I have participated in many architectural and interior design competitions and photographing contests. I have been awarded e.g. in photographing the Finnish nature, designing a model school in the UAE and creating designs for an extension of a Japanese owned eye medicine factory Santen Ltd in Finland. 

Architect SAFA

ADEC Award 2009 - Farfalla School, Abu Dhabi UAE

Farfalla Model School with it's architectural design is a part of The New School Program which  was started in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi in 2008. The goal was to develop a totally new school concept as a model for future schools which will be constructed in the area during the next ten years. Farfalla School design was chosen with two others to be developed as a model for the future schools in the UAE. Nine local schools have been developed according to this model plan.

Size 15,000m2
Number of pupils 500-1000

PAROC Award 2004 - Santen Ltd, Tampere Finland

The extension of Santen Ltd in Finland was given an award for the architectually high quality facades. Paroc, the producer of the steel panel element, held an international competition for all of the projects using Paroc elements in 2004.


"The project’s small scale combined with nice proportions and smart detailing result in very attractive facilities. The special use of different colours and panel surface models creates a fascinating tension in the facade. On the whole, the pure and plain beauty of the building reflects perfectly the owner's Japanese background."


Size 1840m2 





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