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I design acoustic products and interiors in co-operation with Konto Oy, the producer of the patented acoustic board made of Finnish peat moss. The organic, tox-free and 100% Finnish material enables healthy, diverse and individual solutions that acoustically improve public and private spaces, while creating a comfortable and aesthetic living and working environment. 

FUJI acoustic art panel (240x120x8)cm is developed with Konto Oy to attenuate mostly the high and medium frequencies. This acoustic design with its elegant and soft colouring is suitable for a wide variety of spaces. Fuji is available in five different colours: gray, green, brown, yellow and blue - also custom colour and size choices are available.

GINKGO acoustic art panel (60x60x4)cm brings nature inside both in private and public spaces. The unique shape of the ginkgo leaf has remained the same for tens of millions of years. The tree has typically decorated the gardens of temples and monasteries in Asia. Ginkgo panels create an ancient harmonious atmosphere, while also improving the acoustic quality. Ginkgo panels can be used as single decorative pieces or in larger collages. The colors are defined according to the customer's wishes or following the models. Dimensions other than the standard size are also possible. The model colors are: black, black and white, terracotta, green, bluish, yellowish and brown.

RAITA acoustic element (80x80x4)cm brings soft harmonious rhythm to the space. Visually resonant lines enliven the interior with a calm horizontal, powerful vertical or playful check motif. With Raita you can beautifully finish an entire wall or ceiling, build a headboard that completes the furniture, or, for example, decorate a room divider at home, in a cafe, or in the office. The 1-3 colors are defined according to the customer's wishes or the sample models. Dimensions other than the standard size are also possible.

SOINTU acoustic element (50x100x4)cm is an independent piece of acoustic art or a part of the larger panel set where the vivid curvy shaped cut line continues smoothly from one panel to another. The collection colors of Sointu are: natural white paired with tones of cork, moss, terracotta and graphite black. The graphite black design is also available with light gray.

ORNAMENT acoustic element (60x60x4)cm is suitable for interior decoration as a single panel or as a group of panels. It can also be used to cover an entire wall or ceiling. The element is installable in two different methods. The element can be cut easily enabling the finest finishing for the entire surface. Ornament is available in four colours: black, white, terracotta and cork.

AMBIENT acoustic element (50x50x5)cm is a smart asymmetric panel which creates a strong decorative pattern when the panels are installed in a matrix (panels turned to all four different positions). The element consists of 20mm thick base board and 30mm thick grid-like surface board. The standard element is monochrome: white, black, coffee gray, cork or terracotta. Standard two-color choice is black and white (black on the surface). Also other thicknesses, colors and color combinations are available.


GINKGO (3D-mallit)

PRICES from (inc. FIN VAT)

FUJI  1972€  

GINKGO  197€

RAITA  410€

SOINTU  308€ 



FUJI (3D-mallit)

​You can choose acoustic panel in the following collections, request changes in size and color, or I can create a completely unique piece of acoustic art styled to your space.

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RAITA (3D-mallit)

SOINTU (3D-mallit)

ORNAMENT (3D-mallit)

AMBIENT (3D-mallit)

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Note: the actual exact color of the product may differ from the one shown in the picture. The most correct shade of the colour can be found in Tikkurila's printed color chart. The colour of the Konto board can be slightly visible through the paint, so the final shade is not exactly in accordance with the color chart, especially in the lightest shades.



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