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AMAZONAS (3D-mallit)

AMAZONAS acoustic panel (594x594x40)mm creates an exotic atmosphere in your space. The 3-dimensional shape of the monstera leaf decorates the space with a feeling of the rainforest of South America where this plant may grow into a tree up to tens of meters high. The work is suitable for interior decoration as individual piece, collages of different shapes or as an entire wall surface. The basic coloring is created with three different colors. You can also get the board in your own colors, in one/two colors and with the special dimensions. 

The price of Amazonas: 197€-214€/piece (incl. FIN VAT).

ARTDECO (3D-mallit)

ORIENT acoustic panel (594x594x40)mm is a strongly geometric design inspired by the squared cufic, monumental script typical to the 13th century decorative motifs in art and architecture, used especially in Central Asia. In this decorative style, the surface is divided into small squares like a chessboard and a dark or light color is chosen for each square. Orient panel can be used as a single piece and as a series of panels, or it can be used to create large surfaces where the pattern continues beautifully from one panel to another. Orient can be ordered with one or two colors and also in a unique size. 

The price of Orient: 197€-214€/piece (incl. FIN VAT).

ARTDECO acoustic panel (594x594x40)mm is a modern twist on the Art Deco style of the last century, characterized by subtle shapes and a streamlined appearance. The geometrically stylized look of the acoustic panel decorates the space both as a horizontal and vertical motif. The two color tones strongly emphasize the three-dimensional image of the work. ArtDeco panels can be used to form different kind of collages and also as entire wall surface. Color and size choices are free within the limits of the production process.

The price of ArtDeco:  197€-214€/piece (incl. FIN VAT).

ORIENT (3D-mallit)

Architect designer Pyry Luminen
Konto akustiikka, akustolevyt, acoustic panels

​You can choose acoustic panel in the following collections, request changes in size and color, or I can create a completely unique piece of acoustic art styled to your space:

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Note: the actual exact color of the product may differ from the one shown in the picture. The most correct shade of the colour can be found in Tikkurila's printed color chart. The colour of the Konto board can be slightly visible through the paint, so the final shade is not exactly in accordance with the color chart, especially in the lightest shades.



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